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IMG_8436The Spanish Platform for Extensive Livestock Systems and Pastoralism (PGEP) is a network of over 550 people and organizations committed to supporting this farming activity.

Through this Plataforma, which combines biannual meetings and online communication tools, livestock farmers, conservationists, researchers, government officers, farm advisors and many other third-sector actors and stakeholders can now exchange information and collaborate more closely.

Pastoralism is deeply rooted in Spanish culture and history, and it continues to provide numerous benefits in economic, ecological, social, or cultural terms. Nevertheless, it was perceived that farmers’ unions, native livestock breed associations, and the environmental sector itself were working in isolation and not adequately addressing this farming activity. To contribute to filling in this gap in Spain, the Plataforma was created in late 2013 with generous support from Entretantos, a non-profit organization that undertook the secretariat and continues to facilitate the activities of this network to date.

For more information, you may check this poster (in English) or follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. You may also e-mail us at

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  1. José Luis

    Estimados amigos.
    Nos gustatía contar con vuestra ayuda para divulgar el siguiente evento.

    Nuestro próximo evento divulgador – 12 de febrero

    QUEREMOS SER VIRALES (¡¡reventar el aforo!!) AYÚDANOS Rebotarlo por todas las redes sociales para conseguir que mucha más gente se entere de que tenemos un tesoro que dar a conocer y conservar.
    Salud y huevos fritos desde Ganeca

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